Email Marketing Course

Listed below are the links to 4 email marketing documents. We recommend that you download one at a time and work through each one individually before moving onto the next document.  They are backed with great information on how to have a successful marketing campaign.

Lesson 1

  • 3 Biggest Challenges to Email Marketing
  • Internal Challenges and Legalities of Email Marketing
  • A Tool of the Trade – Your Auto-Responder
  • Auto-Responder Overview
  • Writing Auto-Responder Messages
  • The secret method of delivering your email content that will almost guarantee success
  • How to shorten links (short training video link included)
  • What to include in your emails and where to get the content, a discussion of PLR content

Lesson 3

  • 7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid
  • Looking at a Well-Written and Formatted Email
  • Branding (Even if you’re not a cowboy!)
  • Writing Killer Subject Lines
  • Secret Weapon to Make Your Emails Stand Out

Lesson 4

  • Educating Your Subscribers The Right Way
  • Alternate Methods of Delivering Your Messages
  • The Piggy-Back Secret
  • Testing Your Email Delivery System
  • Starting and Managing Your List
  • List Quality Over List Quantity
  • Building Relationships, One Email at a Time
  • Drilling Down for Success

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