Customer Service

Could you be losing customers by something as simple as how the phone is answered?  What would having your employees spending a few minutes each day learning about better customer service do for your bottom line? Could appreciation marketing turn your customers into raving fans?

Business Training Team offers a wide variety of courses that will help you and your employees develop their business skills.  These skills will help them better treat your customers and turn them into raving fans of your business.  Customer service is an area of business that is often over looked and yet it dramatically affects your bottom line.

What is your customer’s first impression of your business?

Do you stand out from your competition?

Do your customers talk about and refer their friends and family to you?

If the answer is “I’m not sure”  – you need to spend time in this vital area of your business.  Eileen Soisson with The Meeting Institute provides great training on customer service and customer retention.

Customer Service

Customer Service – Employees

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